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Research and Development:Challenging research and development of new technologies, always looking to the next generation
Recently, the quality requirements have become higher and higher in all fields, as well as thermal power generation and nuclear power generation. In order to respond adequately to a wide variety of user needs, we understand the trends of rapidly changing industrial plants. We are developing new technologies looking at the new era, and new products to respond to new demands.

Results of Major Research and Development

  1. Development and commercialization of materials for a defect-free valve box (improvement of material quality for high temperature and high pressure)
  2. Development and commercialization of a no-leakage valve
  3. Development and commercialization of new valves aimed at improving functionality and usability
  4. Improvement of small forged valves (improvement of usability, functionality, and reliability)
  5. Implementation of various accuracy tests for improvement of the reliability of valve components and reflected on products Confirmation test of gland packing, accuracy check on bellows SCC etc.
  6. Development and commercialization of Super 9 Cr valves for supercritical pressure generating plants
  7. Development and commercialization of ultra-high temperature valves for use at 900 ℃
  8. Improvement of maintenance of canopy seal valve and practical application of radiation reduction structure
  9. Development and practical use of valves for hydrogen gas
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